Lemak is an alias for the German musician and Techno producer „Markus Andree“. When he was 28, he started to produce music with an demoversion of a music maker software. But then, he wants more. He wants to do more by himself. So he bought a midikeybord, a Synth and a drummachine. He red a lot about Music Production and spent much time in testing and playing his hardware. Two years later he won a remixcontest by David Moran on Basecodes Records and had his first release in 08/2015 David Moran – Sunspot (Lemak Remix) This Remix was olso a part from the „on the road, Vol.1“ compilation on Antartic Records. On october 2015 he startet to playing music in clubs around his hometown. Since his first gig he plays live with hardware only and never use a laptop or pc. In januar 2016 he joined the Klangkino Club in Gebesee as a Live Act. In Februar 2016 he had his Second Release in basecodes Records Lemak – Bastardo (Original Mix) This track was olso an Part from the „subtances techno Party“ Compilation on Pusher Music. In march 2016 he hab his first EP Release on Anorrack Records with two Tracks Lemak – Color Shade (Original Mix) Lemak – multiface (Original Mix) In Mai 2016 he released another Remix on Basecode Records Echobeat – Black Mamba (Lemak Remix) His sound is a experimental mix of techhouse, Techno and minimal.