Mats Allvar

DJ since the late 90s. A long time inspired by the sounds of the electro scene in Saxony, Germany. In 2007 start of the live performance project with his colleague “Monotype”. From then I played countless live performances in clubs in East Germany under the live act artist’s synonym „Monotype & Matt San“. Thanks for that it was really a great time. Also thank you for the support from our former Resident Club „Vinyl Box“ in Zwickau and his owner Marco Daily. At the end of 2007 me and Monotype founded together with Tobias Winkler another sound project, „Midilation“, which was consolidated from a mixture of 2 Live Act’s and a DJ Act. Around 2011 I founded together with Minimize 1000 „Musik-Rezept“ and played with him in different clubs in Thuringia. In 2015 I got support from Tobias Winkler, who is the head of “Anorrack Records”, to publish and finally reveal my sound treasures on his label.